KnB x Eeveelutions Charms


They're back by special request! :) These are some of the first charms I ever designed and they'll always have a special place in my heart. If they sell out and there's enough interest, I will consider reprinting them after a pre-order phase. But I recommend grabbing them while they're available since I only have a few each!

Featuring our favourites from KnB~

Kuroko + Glaceon
Kagami + Eevee
Kise + Jolteon
Aomine + Vaporeon
Midorima + Leafeon
Akashi + Flareon
Murasakibara + Espeon
Momoi + Sylveon
Himuro + Umbreon

Each charm is around 1.75", double-sided, with clear epoxy on one side!

Individual charms are $10.99
Get the set of 9 for $89.99 + free shipping (save $15 + shipping! shipping will be refunded to you)